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BeLinked - Frequently asked question and support

  1. Question: How soon will I see results?
    Answer: Once you joined our program you do not have to submit your site to search engines. Your site will be automatically picked up within 30 days. For the next 3-4 months most of our clients have seen a dramatic increase in search engine rankings and PageRank.

  2. Question: How can I see how many sites pointed to my page?
    Answer: At the right panel of this page you can find a tool that helps you to find out total links pointed to your site.

  3. Question: How many links will be pointed to my site?
    Answer: It's not possible to say how many links will be pointed to your site, because every time someone joins our program you get one more backlink to your site.
    See sites where you will find your link after joining our link exchange program...

  4. Question: I paid for your services. What should I do next?
    Answer: Usually after payment is completed, you will be redirected automatically to submit page. Please fill the form and your site immediately will be accepted to our directory. If you have some problems with accessing this submit page, please email to with your transaction ID that you can find in your email about your paymant.

  5. Question: I want to customize my directory page. What should I do?
    Answer: You can change the layout of your directory page. You need to open file you downloaded (belinkeddirectory) and change the value of variable "customize" to 1. It should look like
    PHP: $customize='1';
    ASP: customize=1
    JSP: int customize=0;
    After that you are able to add any tags above and under our code (Remember to add html, head, title and body tags).

  6. Question: I've lost file and code you provided?
    Answer: Copy and paste this code to your main page:

    PHP: <a href='belinkeddirectory.php'>WEB Directory</a>
    ASP: <a href='belinkeddirectory.asp'>WEB Directory</a>
    JSP: <a href='belinkeddirectory.jsp'>WEB Directory</a>

    Use these links to download files:
    Download PHP | Download ASP | Download JSP

  7. Question: Can I change name of downloaded file?
    Answer: Unfortunately you can't change the file name. Our system will check this file at your server every week.
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